Seung-won Hwang
Seung-won Hwang |

Deparement of Computer Science

Yonsei University

Graduate Students

Sunghwan Kim
Sunghwan Kim |
Ph.D. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Query Optimization
  • Database System
  • System analysis
Kyungjae Lee
Kyungjae Lee |
Ph.D. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Machine Reading
  • Commonsense Knowledge
  • Question Answering & Generation
Minseok Cho
Minseok Cho |
M.S. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Text Mining
  • Question Answering
Gyeongbok Lee
Gyeongbok Lee |
M.S. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Question Answering
  • Knowledge Base
  • Causality Understanding
Seungtaek Choi
Seungtaek Choi |
Ph.D. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Multimodal Learning
  • Neural Attention
Haeju Park
Haeju Park |
M.S. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Concept-Word Disambiguation
Seonjae Lim
Seonjae Lim |
M.S. Candidate
Research Interests
  • NLP
  • Deep Neural Network
Sunghyun Park
Sunghyun Park |
M.S. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Question Answering
  • Paraphrase Generation
Hojae Han
Hojae Han |
Ph.D. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Non-Factoid QA
Hoyung Kim
Hoyung Kim |
M.S. Candidate
Research Interests
  • Question Answering


Name Degree Thesis
Jinyoung Yeo Ph.D., 2018. Overcoming Sparseness in Knowledge Bases: Harvesting, Integration, and Translation
Hyunsouk Cho Ph.D., 2018. Event Understanding from Social Media and Personal Media
Eric Wonhee Lee M.S., 2017. Graph Analysis
Jin-woo Park Ph.D., 2015. Entity Understanding with Relationships
Sanghoon Lee Ph.D., 2015. Knowledge Base Alignment: Enlarging Machine-readable Web
Taesung Lee Ph.D., Spring, 2015. Enriching Knowledge Base with Entities, Attributes, and Concepts
Jinhan Kim Ph.D., Fall, 2014. An Efficient Graph-based Approach for Translating Emerging Named Entity
Young-rok Cha M.S., Fall, 2014. Name Translation by Enhancing Graph Symmetry
Sunyou Lee M.S., Fall, 2014. Map Translation Using Geo-tagged Social Media
Gook-Pil Roh Ph.D., Fall, 2012. Mining Algorithms for Network-Constrained Trajectories
Gae-won You Ph.D., Fall, 2012. Entity Search and Mining Using Relational Matching
Mu-Woong Lee Ph.D., Fall, 2012. Scalable High-dimensional Index Design for Code Search Systems
Myungha Jang M.S., Fall, 2012. Mining Comparable Entities from the Web
Jongwuk Lee Ph.D., Spring, 2012. Efficient Skyline and Top-k Query Computation
Jong-Won Roh Ph.D., Spring, 2012. Efficient Similarity Search for Interval Time Sequences
Sukhyun Ahn M.S., Spring, 2011. K-ARQ: K-Anonymous Ranking Query
Chul-kyoon Kim M.S., Spring, 2010. k-Nearest Dominant Search on Wireless Sensor Networks
Youngdae Kim M.S., 2009. A Cost-Based Pareto Optimization Approach
Hyountaek Yong M.S., 2009. Skyline Ranking for Uncertain Databases